Elina Kamiren intends to seek help in a court case against Alexander by Zagajnovym

At the same time, Sasha is much less time to his daughter Alexandra. According to Elina Kamiren, Zadoinov hasn’t visited his daughter for about three months and appeared only on the eve of her birthday, explaining the long absence of their total employment. Criticized the woman and the assistance Zadoinov, which, according to Karyakina, absolutely not. And if recently Kamiren wanted to resolve the issue amicably, it is now firmly intends to seek the assistance of the court, the website life-dom2.su.

Moreover, Kamiren insists that bailiffs have checked the activities of the charitable Foundation, which collaborates actively with her ex. Young mother convinced that Sasha is using the organization for selfish purposes of their own enrichment and many of his actions are simply illegal.

“When they were both still on the project, and thinking where to get money, Sasha repeatedly suggested Elina to do a children’s charity, and said that if things work out, they will not be with her for nothing – hence Elina considerations regarding the use of Sasha orphanage money not to destination” – reminded fans of the youth telestroke.