Elina Kamiren continues to thrive in your business direction

However, judging by the latest news, Karyakina began to build, what may indicate the purchase of in Sochi their own property, where it is currently being renovated. In addition, Kamiren made a good success as a blogger. On my channel the former member of “House 2” tells his podeschi about how easier and better to win the heart of the oligarch, the website life-dom2.su.

By the way, to stop this Kamiren not going to. In plans of the girl’s own book “notes of the Hunter”, where she will share the most important secrets of seduction of the rich. Moreover, if you believe Elina, the book is already written and will soon go to sale.

“I wonder if she’s so successful seductress, allowing himself to give lessons ohaivanie oligarchs, then why is she still sitting alone, here in what a question?” – wrote fans of “House 2”.