Elena Zakharova has surprised fans with an appearance without makeup

Elena Zakharova in his 41 not afraid to post photos without makeup. But instead of criticism, many fans appreciated the natural beauty of the stars.

Famous actress Elena Zakharova put in your social network Instagram photo “without filters and makeup”, delighting fans of natural beauty.

Despite his age – Elena Zakharova is already 41 years old – actress is not afraid of condemnation, and showed the fans how it looks without a gram of cosmetics and photo processing. Although Zakharov had already adjusted to “fight back” from the flow of mud to your address, subscribers to her pleasant surprise unexpected warm compliments.

Fans convinced the star that she is beautiful in any form, and especially when there is the opportunity to evaluate her true, natural beauty. Indeed, many gave advice to Elena Zakharova, so that she did not imitate dependent on plastics and corrective means, because she is a wonderful person, regardless of amount of makeup.