Elena Zakharova came out with a rounded belly

Discussing the pregnancy of the actress

In the Shchukin school sostojalsja the homecoming dance. Meroprity called for the Russian star: Maxim Averin, Anton Makarsky Maria Poroshina, Ekaterina Reshetnikova, Natalia Antonova, and many others. In the “Instagram” of several famous graduates there are photos from the educational theatre Institute.

For noisy get-togethers joined in and a pregnant Elena Zakharova dress fuchsia high waist. Judging by the noticeable krooglevsky the stomach, the child will be born very soon. By the way, the rumors about the “interesting position” the actress appeared in the early fall. It is known that in 2011 at Zakharova died 8-month-old daughter Anna-Maria. After this tragedy, the actress tries not to advertise his personal life.