Elena Temnikova was deprived of one-year-old daughter’s hair and said he was thinking more about children

The former soloist of the group Serebro Elena Temnikova had otvalilas step, which not every mother under force. Apparently good intentions, the singer stripped of his one-year-old daughter’s hair, which caused quite ambiguous reaction of subscribers.

There is a perception that if from an early age a few times to shave the baby’s head, then in the future his/her hair will be the envy of all around, as it will be thick, healthy and silky.

Apparently, trying to secure daughter great hair in the future, now Temnikova had to make little sacrifices.

Followers of the performer such changes in the appearance of the little Sasha thought was odd: “Why?( do you believe in the density of hair after shaving head?”, “I will never understand the need for this action”, “Well, damn it, TNT?((“

But there were also those who supported Temnikova, noting that the optimism of the baby is not lost: “the best and Most fun”, “One person mom”, “Lena you are a miracle”, “the Two suns of Pretty girls.”

By the way, recently Temnikova broke the silence and told how good, kind, reliable and loving her husband: “I came here on a first date to Dima and 10 minutes later realized I want to be his wife, to be with him every second of his life. Never in my life… my Husband is the best, supports in all endeavors. When I had Sasha, has gained 20 pounds. So shy that were photographed only at the neck and in profile it was not visible to anything else. It became clear: we must immediately take himself in hand and to lose weight. We then went every day to a specialized center for a massage, to physical education. I worked six hours, and Dima all the time to babysit Sasha, she is also with us, I nursed on demand…”

Elena, like any other woman, admits that real happiness of his life he experienced after the birth of her daughter. In addition, the singer even thinking about another baby, but doesn’t know whether to do it. This stems from the complex nature of Alexandra: “I am very happy. After the birth of her daughter all to myself finally understand who I am, why I live. I very much want more children. I think next year we will plan the next baby. Though, I’m afraid that Sasha will be jealous. She got me with no one not want to share!”

Source: goodhouse.ru, dni.ru
Photo: dni.ru

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