Elena Temnikova failed debut as the host of the TV project “House 2”

Finally fans of youth telestroke disappointed in Helen’s abilities as a leading after a recent broadcast, after which, many fans of “House 2” came to believe that Temnikova completely failed in its debut. The audience was surprised that the leading allowed myself to “take to heart” the situation with Alexandra Sheba and even to cry in front of the cameras, the site says life-dom2.su.

However, the defenders of Helena advised to refrain from premature conclusions. In their opinion, the girl needs time to adapt and, as a minimum, meet with all participants to be aware of their problems and all events show as a whole.

“What Orlov is a good leader? Boring stuff, no gleam in his eyes. To pull came. So she hadn’t passed the audition”, “I think, more to learn, especially if will often lead one” – said the fans of “House 2”.