Elena Perminova showed how inexpensive but fashionable dress

After celebrating the New year, the actress Elena Perminova, along with children and the civil husband Alexander Lebedev went on vacation in the Mexican resort of Tulum. From there, leggy blonde every day publishes photos of their stylish outfits, and her followers do not stop to wonder where their favorite buying such beautiful things.

Seeing such interest from the fans, Elena decided to have a contest and invited the subscribers to determine the cost of one of her outfits. One of his photos Elena commented: “Expensive is not always stylish. I love in mass markets to find things that look a million! It is important as you sexuee”.

As you can see, the cost of the outfits Elena is quite modest and affordable to every woman leaving on vacation. Most of the stuff was bought by Helen in the store “Topshop”, the most expensive was denim skirt 2 300 RUB, and a translucent blouse – 3 400 RUB found on sale in the online boutique “Misa”.