Elena Letuchaya “engaged in housekeeping” on the coast of lake Baikal

On 9 September, in connection with the voluntary action, 7th Main, Vserossiiskogo of the shell eco-marathon “360 minutes” on the lake, TV presenter and journalist Elena Letuchaya began the charity in the form of ecovolunteers and clean coast of lake Baikal with other interested persons.


This became known thanks to the most exposed records of Helen in his Instagram. The presenter showed a photograph with volunteers to collect scraps of garbage in bags and signed, happy to be part of such a great things together with other 100 thousands of volunteers across Russia. Elena and other volunteers of the campaign were removed in the villages Murino, pan’kivka and Tankhoy.

Fugitive urged people to think about the future, not to leave behind so much garbage and protect the nature from pollution of this scale, in response to comments subscribers presenter agreed with her, thanking for the right words and actions. Many saw the global problems of lake Baikal up to the decisions at the legislative level.