Elena Korikova not happy at the new place of residence

It is only in appearance a famous Russian actress Elena Korikova – white and fluffy, but in reality she’s a brawler. A few months ago, the celebrity has replaced a residence, having moved from the Metropolitan condos for Moscow to Aprelevka, but there she managed to nasality the eyes of local residents.

With new as with old neighbors, Korikova is not for everyone. Residents of suburban Aprelevka not in awe of the stellar neighborhood, talking about the arrogance of Helen and her stellar manners. So, a neighbor Korikova named Victoria, told how the star of the TV series “Poor Nastya” threw a tantrum in the store, not seeing on the shelves of the necessary water for children.
“She screamed so that it was audible far outside. All saluted the fact who she is. It is not surprising that people don’t like her” said Victoria.
Former neighbors also don’t like the Elena and happy that she was moving out. Say, a celebrity often staged noisy party after midnight and prevented them awake, including loud music when she pleases.
“The woman she is, of course, beautiful, but neighbors of people do not believe,” said former neighbor Dmitri.
And once the SES didn’t want to stand in a long queue in the clinic, and made a scene, threatening to “fire all in two minutes”.
“The whole hospital stood on the ears, the doctors hands were shaking.. They didn’t know how to explain to her that there is a living place. In the end she was given a certificate queue, just to get rid of her. We now have in the house is finally quiet,” — said Dmitry.

Source: https://dni.ru/
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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