Elena Hramina staged a brawl because of their thoughtless words

Not the best way to fold and the relationship of the girls with his colleagues in the TV show. So, Hramina was in the midst of a fight with Andreeva due to careless expressions in her address. So, Daria considered offensive the word “youngster”, which Elena has allowed to be in her address, when she returned home. Moreover, the fight occurred despite the fact that essentially Dasha just wanted to discuss the situation, according to the site life-dom2.su.

By the way, first into the fray rushed it insulted to the core Andreyev, after which a brawl was involved and other inhabitants of the Clearing. For example, protecting Lena from colleagues in the “House 2”, Elizabeth, Triandafilidis only narrowly lost hair extensions.

“It is time to stop this is an outright disgrace how much it’s all you can tolerate? Well even boys, but girls? Just awful!” – shared his opinion the fans of “House 2”.