Elena Hramina since childhood I have been making money

Hi! I’m a terrible climber. Just got used to achieve itself. Their first real money I earned in my childhood, when began touring with a circus team. I had a solo room, music I remember now. Concert dress and standing ovation, what else does a man who wants to be the center of attention.
It is possible that I have not received enough attention in the family, maybe mom worked and studied. I love my mom, she always supports me. Investing money and effort in my education. But my circus performances she went very rarely. For her, I had hoops. When mom was home, I arranged for her mini-speech. She always rejoiced in my successes, but to actively participate could not because of lack of time.
I remember how she sewed a suit for the performance. I was about 9-10, came up with ridiculous and scary. Good thing I was in the crowd that I almost was not visible.

Work in the circus team has taught me a lot. In fact this physical development, and communication with peers. I loved all of the artists who worked on the same site, each was good in its own right. I had a solo room, that privilege is not given to all. I felt the envious glances of the girls. She was never condescending, but flattered in my soul, I will not hide. Performances and rehearsals ended when I decided to seriously take up painting. Went to art school and broke up with the circus.
Now I do sports and go to the gym. But the income already receive from writing patterns on the stage. Like this? Talk about it in another article.
PS. you can bring a man from the circus, but the circus of the people ever.