Elena Hramina almost suffered because of his flirting with several guys

So, Alexander Fillipov expressed their outrage against Helena’s address Alex. According to Sasha, Lena only played with the young man, “yanking him around” and literally begging for advances. ACCORDING to Alexandra, the behavior of Graminei like the habits of “mom”. In addition, the announcement of the future broadcast Filippov confessed that he considers Lena a regular player and impulsively ran into her the first available under the hand of the subject, the site says life-dom2.su.

It should be noted that Hramina in debt left and threw it in Sasha comb, than has even more angered colleague on the house 2. After this, Alexander had to hold the power. And if any intervention Kudryashov, Lena certainly did not faint.

“Well, it is clear that the behavior of Graminei suspicious and her attempts to seduce guys look like normal game, but someone who, but not her colleagues on the project to condemn it for such” – wrote the fans of the TV project “House 2”.