Elena Berkova married

The actress of films for adults and TV presenter Elena Berkova was going to marry her new boyfriend actor Andrei Stoyanov, who is her common-law husband in the last few months.

It is known that the master of ceremonies at the wedding of a porn actress is Stepan Menschikov, who, like she once participated in the reality show “Dom-2”. Recently him and another member of telestroke Rustam Solntsev / celebrated its 32 anniversary.
By the way, that Menshikov told on his page on Instagram the news of the wedding of a Hostel and star of the series “Grouse”.
“Lena Berkova ????????????????????????????????????Soon Lena @berkova and Andrew @andreystoyanow wedding ???? and I had the privilege to spend it,” — boasted Menshikov.
Soon this information was confirmed by a friend Berkova Anna Grachevskaya. In her message, she congratulated Elena happy birthday and the release of the video, also said that waiting for wedding invitations.
By the way, the birthday celebration / combined with presentation of the new video for the song “changed.” Judging by the “naked dress” and the sequins barely covered privates, Elena is not too willing to change.
If the rumors about the forthcoming wedding is confirmed, this marriage will be for Berkova fifth. Recently Elena has sued one of its ex-husbands child. The man did not participate in the son’s life, and even prevented him from travelling abroad on holiday. The alimony he did not pay. By the decision of the Izmailovsky court of the capital Elena became the sole guardian of her child.

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