Eks-the participant “Houses 2” Varvara Tretyakov received the new year gift in the car

However, after leaving the youth telestroke Cooking in no hurry to tell followers about the details of his personal life, even about her marriage subscribers learned after only a certain period of time. However, her reticence did not prevent her to tell the fans about the gorgeous gift that she gave her husband in honor of the New year, the website life-dom2.su.

On the page in social network Cooking published the gorgeous blue car, tied with a bow, noting that the way her lover caused her tears of joy. The choice of the men fell on the Porsche Cayenne in dark blue color. Estimated purchase cost him 4.5 million rubles.

“Good husband! I wish all of these gifts in the New year!”, “Ha, good gift in honor of the New year, congratulations!” – wrote fans of the reality show “Dom 2”.