Eks-the participant “Houses 2” Ella Sukhanova published a photo with his daughter

A few days ago, on the vast world wide web appeared a photograph of the former participating youth telestroke where she is depicted with a little girl. Fresh the has sparked the interest of fans of “House 2”, because the question followers about who her captured in one photography, Ella said that her daughter, without specifying, godmother or mother, says the site life-dom2.su.

Despite the fact that she Ella chose to remain silent, the subscribers have no doubt, on a photo mother daughter girl. It is not excluded that the 30-year-old Sukhanova could have is 20, so her daughter could now be 10 years old, how much and the girl in the photo.

“Yes, this is unlikely your daughter, otherwise, the rumors about her would go a few days ago, and so likely is the goddaughter” – the audience wrote “House 2”.