Ekaterina Vilkova admitted, was a bit husband

This year the actor couple Ekaterina Vilkova and Ilya Lyubimov celebrated the 5 year anniversary of their life together. This is traditionally done quietly, without attracting to it public attention. Despite the fact that the personal life of the couple remains closed to the media, sometimes the media skips messages that Lyubimov raises his hand to his wife may hit her in a fit of jealousy, or yielding to a bad mood.

Vilkova decided to clarify this point, and told reporters frankly about whether she knows the power muglich fists.

“He’s a demonic man. Many believe that he beat me. Just had this appearance, low voice,” says Catherine, noting that most likely the image of a man who is able to hit a woman, formed due to the fact that Lyubimov often accrue to the role of villains and scoundrels do that.

Vilkova sure that her husband – the Golden man who is not able to hurt her by word or deed: “Sometimes I’m even too painful trust him. Thought not admit that the husband could betray me. It just can’t be. Because by doing so he will kill me. He loves me – so can’t do that”.

Now the couple are raising two children – the daughter of Paul and son of Peter. Catherine says that already at such a young age (same age kids: daughter 4, son 3) they already have difficult characters: Each in its own way manifests itself. They have different perceptions of the world, different offense, with different mood to Wake up just the same as I go to sleep. Some things in their minds already formed, and I only can control it, well and tell them about how life is”.


Source: dni.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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