Ekaterina Klimova was accused of lying journalists

Ekaterina Klimova was accused of lying journalists

Actress Ekaterina Klimova themselves from the disturbance. The reason was the act of the journalists in the program “You would not believe” I put the celebrity in an unfavorable light.

Klimov said: “Not very nice to deceive people, especially those who are interviewing. It’s all awfully unpleasant. Nobody told me anything about his personal life. Were dummy questions — the answers are appropriate. The narration is generally something with something. Much of it is a lie. I hope that my fans do not watch such programs”.

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The plot of the transfer was built on a catty relationship with two men: the former, actor Igor Petrenko, and is hereby, colleague actress for the theatre, Gela Meskhi.


Source and photo: zvezdanutye.com