Ekaterina Klimova gave her daughter a test of the us camp

Ekaterina Klimova – loving mother, but sometimes strict and categorical. If the actress decided that the eldest daughter should be sent to the camp to improve her skills in the English language, then even a waterfall of tears is not able to change my mother’s decision.

So, Klimova told about how staged daughter’s test summer camp: “Two years ago, Lisa didn’t want to go to the American camp, – said Klimov. When she drove to the airport, she was crying. Daughter tripled me tantrums: “I Have a favorite village! I spent a year in school and want to relax, where I like!” And Catherine began to persuade her: “Lisa, you will be able in the future to marry a tractor and dig the potatoes, but let’s try another life”.

According to Catherine, arriving in America, her daughter immediately faced with certain difficulties. For example, immediately upon arrival on 12-the summer teenager camp met no one. Lisa had to get yourself, to find your room and meet other kids. By the way, in the room with Lisa were three girls who didn’t speak Russian. In addition, the phone is dead, and the plug did not fit American outlets – mother to Moscow not to call, not to complain. And Lisa, in her confession, “I felt completely lost, she began to panic.

Movie star believes that there is nothing wrong with what her daughter has experienced some difficulties, did not happen. On the contrary, it is a rewarding experience that will help her in the future easier to find the way out of any situation : “I remember my childhood. Like many Soviet children, the summer I spent in summer camps because I have all my grandmother lived in Moscow and we had no house in the village. I cried, going to the camp, and roared, leaving him. This is a very good school of life, when the child is alone, without parental support. Character is formed, in a team you immediately will understand, “radish” or you’re a good man.”

Source: dni.ru
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