Ekaterina Klimova again tried on a wedding dress

Russian actress Ekaterina Klimova never ceases to amaze fans with her youthfulness and beauty. Having four children, a mother with many children manages to star in movies and TV series and watch your flawless figure.

The other day on his Instagram, Catherine has published a video showing the backstage from the set. In it, the actress appeared in wedding dress and sneakers. Catherine stood among the ruins and in his hands he held a gun. In addition, she showed fans her musical talent. Under the roller Klimov wrote: “a Musical pause”.

Subscribers in the comments showered Catherine with compliments, noting her beautiful voice and unusual way: “the Princess and the robber”, “Very beautiful voice”, “Talent is everything” “If in wedding dress with gun in hand, one choice to marry”, “Kate, you are so beautiful!”, “A wedding dress with sneakers is cool”, “Dangerous bride”.