Ekaterina Guseva was surprised by the adult son and complained about the hot-tempered husband

Actress Ekaterina Guseva recently revealed to her fans in a new way. Visit the star “Teams” in the Instagram appear all the more provocative and unusual images, which Kate appears in new and unexpected images.

First, Catherine demonstrated a slim figure in a swimsuit, then showed a photo without makeup, and then surprised the staff of the new provocative photo shoot.

Now focus on yourself, drew a picture, which depicts Gusev with a young man.

The guy standing her back to the camera, while we see only its profile.

“New love” — you might think, looking at the photo. But no, the answer is far more simple and prosaic Guseva, posing with his teenage son, which is superficially not to say that it is.

Alex has 17 years old, and his mother in the background looks like it contemporary or high older sister.

Users of Instagram, barely saw this frame, filled with compliments and mom and son: “What a handsome son beautiful mom!!!”, “Son?! Kate, cool)”, “What a son, a cavalier! Kate,You never change, so young and adorable!!! Keep it up!!!”, Great!”, “What kind of grown son! Wow!”, “Beautiful! I admire You, and an adult son tacos!”

By the way, with the press, Catherine has shared details of his personal life. Recall that the star is married to Vladimir Abashkin for 20 years. In this Union have Gusevoj had two children Alex and Anna.

Despite the fact that the introduction of a pair was many years ago, Gusev remembers everything as it is now: “Abashkina we have the stars aligned. We immediately all became clear. There was all very simply and naturally. Without a long explanation.”

Ideal families, as you know, does not happen, so Guseva and Abashkina sometimes conflicts arise: “johnny I have a short temper, he’s a neurotic, crazy, but he very quickly departs, and I’m sick about two weeks, I depart from him flashes, because I longer to hold a grudge”.

Source: cosmo.ru, starhit.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru, starhit.ru

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