Ekaterina Andreeva gave a Frank interview

Leading admitted health problems

Presenter Ekaterina Andreeva surprised the audience during the recording of “Parole” with Yury Nikolaevym. She confessed that recently her memory has deteriorated. Sometimes she can’t remember your birth date, wedding anniversary, and the holidays and relatives, and can not speak. They have long been resigned to this fact and not take offense at it.

“I just don’t remember what age. I do not think of the year”, — said Andreev.

Complicated by memory and personal life. Andreev for many years married to a businessman Dusan Petrovichem, who lovingly calls a Sweetheart. Husband calls her Kitten. But if he is drawn to her “Kate”, so it is bad, he is dissatisfied, and Andreeva, can’t remember what I was guilty for a long time and trying to figure out why.