Egregious case occurred during one of the broadcasts of “House 2”

So, another party within the walls of the TV show, it seems, becomes the last straw for many fans of the TV show, but what happened tonight at all “blew up the Internet”. Passionate kiss Mary Philippi and Aleksandra Sheva many people were ready to understand, however, what happened after, did not leave anyone indifferent, writes the website life-dom2.su.

So, fate, are thrown the girls for a night with Alexei Citizen seemed something out of the ordinary. By the way, in the end, Alex was in bed at Sheba. But, remembering the kiss between Sasha and Masha, it is strange that the latter was not in the same bed.

“For some reason, or rather, unfortunately, is not surprised. Thank you children at this time already asleep” – sadly said the audience “House 2”.