Egor Krid asked Olga Buzova not to embarrass him and not to disgrace itself

On his page in Instagram Olga Buzova expressed a desire to record a song with popular singer Yegor Creed.

Many still remember how the Network of the Internet, a joint photo of Olga and Egor with an unambiguous inscription. Maybe that’s why Instagram blew up literally from the novel couples. But then, attentively having studied blogs Buzova and creed, many have realized that the picture was fake, because like no Olga Instagram or in Instagram Egor. As it turned out, no affair between celebrities was not.

Recently fans of Egor sighed with relief when they found out how their pet reacted to Olga’s desire to record a joint song. Creed’s reaction was very sharp. In his Instagram, the TV presenter posted a video in which he said that he wanted to work with Greg, and then sang the chorus of his new track. The singer immediately responded to the offer. He said he did not want to disgrace and asked Olga, too, not to disgrace, than said that the Duo will not.

Follow Egor, Olga lashed out and his fans. Realizing that blundered, Buzova immediately removed the video.