Effective conspiracies on the ring

From ancient times, jewelry has been the personal charms and oberegai. Our ancestors used incantations to turn the rings bracelets and other jewelry perfect protection from poverty, bad luck, enemies and failures.

The blessed can do almost any thing, but rings are the most powerful talismans, capable of interacting with human energy. The site dailyhoro.ru gathered for you some of the most effective conspiracies that will help you in life.

The plot on the engagement ring

In order to save your marriage and avoid quarrels with a partner, use the plot on the engagement ring. It will help you maintain a strong family and will not allow a rival in love and enemies in your Union.

Take both rings, put them in a glass of Holy water and place the front of the home of the iconostasis. The next day, carefully remove the rings, wipe them with a towel, take up and say:

“Higher power rings protect, preserve our marriage. No place in it quarrels and scandals, strife and bickering. Rings on the hands shall wear, strong love together divide”.

Then exchange with a partner rings and confess each other in love in front of the icons. It will help you save your marriage for years to come.

Conspiracy for good luck

Favorite ring rinse under cold water to wash away his negative energy. Pass him a red woolen thread and while moving the decoration, say the word conspiracy:

“A ring for luck began to speak, capricious Fortune lure. Like a needle without a thread does not sew and I have no case without luck is not. As a ring on your finger will wear and will be a good outcome of any business”.

Wear ring without removing, for six months, then the rite can be repeated again.

Conspiracy money

For this plot you need to take the ring from precious metal or alloy of several metals. Fill the glass with spring water from a natural source, lower back your ring. In a few minutes one by one drop in a glass of coins of different denominations. Take a silver spoon, stir their wealth in a glass and prigovarivaya:

“Water is the key of the depths of the earth came, all the wealth seen. Her about the energy of money will remind you, but the ring will pick it up. As the waters under the never-ending land the course of the strikes, and wealth to me, barriers not knowing”.

Ring put on a finger and one of the coins back to the natural source from which the water was taken to perform the rite.

Love spell

If you want to attract into your life love, you might be able to flip the ring so that it awakened your feminine energy. For this purpose the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to use the most simple and unassuming embellishment without stones and other extraneous inclusions and inserts. Take the ring in your left hand, clench the fist, hold it close to my heart and say:

“Looking for love-looking for, their happiness is attracted to. Looking for my Mr right, I destined. Not drinking Yes, no walking, loving but hard-working. Husband looking for a present.”

If you are serious about the relationship, the ring just put it under your pillow and say:

“Mate, come in my dream, show yourself. Look at me, follow me come”.

Put a ring on your finger and do not remove it. It will contribute to the speedy bringing these feelings into your life.

The conspiracy to protect

In order to protect yourself from the negative energy of possible enemies, the evil eye or damage, use the plot on a simple ring. Light the candle and hold your ornament over the flame. Then squeeze the ring in his right hand and say:

“Mutual protection for itself creates, trouble fire burn. Ring wear shield invisible gain. Thieves Yes the evil eye, envious Yes offenders”.

Watch out for their decoration. If it starts to change color, then you were adversely impacted. Experts dailyhoro.ru site suggest in such cases to carry out the rite, which will save you from undesirable effects.

Conspiracy for fulfillment of desires

You will need a new ring, preferably donated by close relatives. However, you can purchase the decoration. Choose it carefully. Your ring will definitely respond, and you will want to buy it. Home decoration put on your finger with the words:

“From distant lands, over the mountains but seas the ring to my complaint. It spoke, to serve me faithfully urge. Will play the ring the desire cherished in the soul living out asking”.

Through the night whisper ringlet fondest wish and wear it until your dream becomes a reality.

Any of these plots will act only in case, if your intentions are sincere. Do not wish anyone harm and have selfish intentions, that good fortune has not turned its back on you. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to look at the Signs of the Universe not to miss the luck, love and prosperity, which you’ll visit.