Edita celebrates the anniversary of the famous singer was 80 years old

Edita celebrates its anniversary. July 31, a well-known actress, is 80 years old. How to begin career of the famous artist, we will tell you.

31 Jul famous singer Edite Pieha is 80 years old. On this day the singer will perform in front of fans in the concert hall “Oktyabrsky” in Saint-Petersburg. Moreover, the singer is celebrating another anniversary: 60 years of creative activity .

Early career Piekha

Edita studied in Leningrad. She dreamed of becoming a teacher, but joined the choir, and her life changed dramatically. It called to sing in the student ensemble, its leader, Alexander Bronevitsky. New year’s eve from 1955 to 1956 she began her singing career with the song “Red bus” (in Polish) at the Leningrad Conservatory. Edita she believes the early career activities of autumn 1957, when she saw his name on the poster.

More than 20 years the woman worked in the ensemble “Friendship” with Alexander Bronevitsky, who became her first husband.

First husband made her a star

Edita was married three times, but it Bronevitsky has made her known throughout the world.

Note that it was followed by many in the family. Her daughter Ilona Bronevitskaya, singer, and a beloved grandson Stas Piekha successful music performer.

Always stylish and feminine Edita won the love of millions of fans. The other day she gave an interview in which he admitted that he marry a miner if a career as a singer did not work out. She also said that does not feel like 80 years, but 40 or 60. Even Edite do not want to be a survivor, informs the journalist, Pointmedia Juliana Ulitkino.

We have previously reported, the Opera singer Maria Maksakova noted the fortieth anniversary.