Ed Sheeran disown like him girls

British media found “illegitimate daughter of ed Sheeran”. Year-old girl named Isla, strikingly similar to the famous Briton, became the reason for rumors about his love Affairs. The red-haired little girl showed ed in the program “Good morning Britain” (“Good Morning Britain”). Knowing that the social network is already a few days buzzing about it, Sheeran decided to make an official statement.

“It’s not mine. It’s not mine! This is insane!” — said ed.
This theme is pushed to the conversation about future children Sheeran and his attitude to fatherhood. To the question if he loves children, ed replied:
“I don’t want to tour when I have kids, so I can concentrate on my performances now. Then I’ll be a real father, who would not miss one step of their child, so I definitely love children.”
By the way, the girl’s mother, Zoe Walton stated that she was shocked by the speed of the spread of the news that she gave birth to a daughter from Sheeran. She also hinted that she and her family loves music ed and it would be amazing if the singer suddenly descended upon their town Exton, Devon, to celebrate baby with the third anniversary in may of this year.

Source: http://www.eonline.com
Photo: http://www.eonline.com

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