Dzhigurda and Anisina can press charges for fraud

Scandalously famous actor Nikita Dzhigurda and his wife Marina Anisina, with which he is in the process of divorce may soon share the responsibility before the law. The investigators who are dealing with the sudden death of businesswoman Ludmila Bratash, Kuma spouses who left them millions of legacy, I suspect that Nikita and Marina could fool her and steal her property.

As reports the edition life, Recalling the reports of the investigators, Dzhigurda and his wife could “steal it” and use for selfish purposes.
The investigative Committee has prepared the material for the test in three criminal cases involving theft and fraud, in which the investigators plan to interrogate Dzhigurda and Anisina. In particular, the Marina will check for fraud with the French real estate Bratash, her apartment, which Anisina passed for his own.
Alerted investigators that shortly before his death, Ludmila was missing from the accounts of 500 thousand rubles, and missing from the safe of the jewelry. If the police manage to prove the guilt of the famous couple, against them criminal cases, is fraught with imprisonment.
Recall that Bratash died suddenly in February of this year, leaving a will under which all the property she leaves to her friends and godfathers. It is known that from his part of the inheritance she already refused, but Nikita to give your is not intended. For hundreds of millions of rubles he fights with the sister of a rich woman, not consonant with the decision of the deceased.
According to Dzhigurda, his sister Kuma hired some mafias that threaten to eat his family with physical violence. Therefore, according to the confessions of the artist, his wife with whom he has decided not to divorce, is holed up in France.

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