Dwayne Johnson sprodyusiruet series about bodybuilding

Dwayne Johnson sprodyusiruet series about bodybuilding

The show will unfold Los Angeles 80 years.

Dwayne Johnson continues win TV. Star Players is developing a TV series Muscle Beach, which will unfold in the 80-ies.

The show will tell you about the legendary gym on the promenade of Venice, in which “lost souls” punch path to the American dream. The obsession with fitness, the search for the self, the temptations of Los Angeles — all this we will tell in the series.

Johnson will serve as Executive producer. “I grew up in the 80s. And I want to produce series that would have been true to our brand (we are talking about the company FLynnPictureCo formed by Duane together with Beau Flynn. — approx. THR) and would talk about bodybuilding and the culture of Venice, writes on the social network Johnson. — In the 80s in Venice was full of lost souls, and there was real madness”.


Source and photo: thr.ru