Dwayne Johnson named the sexiest man in 2016

Hollywood actor Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson has headed a rating of the sexiest men by “People”. The star of “fast and Furious” was pleasantly surprised by this news and told the gloss about how she has reached such heights.

“It’s just wonderful! Looks like I’m at the peak of glory. Don’t know what to do next,” joked Duane.
A former wrestler and is now in excellent physical shape, and the old lesson helped him in the film career. To win “the Rock” is without a superfluous piety, and claims that did not do anything to be in the list of People.

“I’m not trying to sound cool or sexy on the screen. I have no secrets. Well, maybe one – I daily care for the skin. We have in fact the same person, especially since the actor it is important to look good,” said Dwayne.
Recall that we will soon be able to see Johnson in the two remakes – “Jumanji” and “Baywatch”.

Source: http://people.com/
Photo: http://people.com/

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