During the farewell does Baranovym, Gosha Kutsenko spoke about sobriety

Friends and colleagues grieved at the death of the actor

Yesterday during the farewell with actor Dmitry marjanova by his friends and colleagues have given a lot of speeches. They are not held back tears and her grief from loss. Among others was Gosha Kutsenko, who shared his emotions with the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“We had each other always stopped. Artists — the people nervous because of my schedule, and our profession is such that there is always a place for holiday, — said Kutsenko. — Dima always loved to relax and have fun. We are not bankers and not politicians, and if we ourselves are not fun, we won’t be able to entertain others.”

For the past 16 years Kutsenko and Maryanov worked together in the theater named Yermolova. Were partners in performance “Game in truth”, the last time they saw each other at the stage.

“Everyone has their weaknesses, and his departure is a warning for us and a reason to sober up. Life is in full swing with their temptations, believes Ghosh. And our generation is acting in such a reactive state. He worked to improve health’.

The actor admits the idea that his colleague could lie in a rehabilitation center and treated for alcohol dependence, to recover after a long drink. Local doctors simply did not realize that Dmitry was a systemic disease of the blood. Kutsenko said that will help Maranova wife Xenia and his daughter Anfisa.