During participation in the TV project “House 2” Alexey Cicic lost almost all the savings

However, after a few weeks of participating in telestroke, the young man began to think about leaving, because its accumulation began rapidly to melt away, and be without money Alex was not used. However, the leadership managed to convince Chichica to wait a little to see the situation improved, and he believed it, and lost it all, the website life-dom2.su.

At first, Alexei was robbed. And as stole not only money and cards but all the documents, canceled a trip to the country. And now under the threat and presence of Alexei on the project. In the Internet appeared rumors that Alexei Chichica want to drive because of the fight with Sergei Kucherawy.

“Let not sad, is the loss and light bar. Could do a better offer, it’s television,” “But it’s Kucherov attacked him” – wrote the youth fans of the TV show.