Due to the excessive makeup Kudryavtsev compared with the mummy

Subscribers criticized the style of the leading

The star of the Russian television and actress Lera Kudryavtseva for more than a decade has not parted with the glorified image of her bright-blonde. In recent years her outfits have become more modest and elegant. But the makeup remained the same as in the 90’s, when Leroy started his career on “Muz-TV”. The TV star recently shared shots from filming his show “the Secret in-a-million”, the first issue of which went on the air September 4, 2016.

In the frame Kudryavtseva appeared in the “old” roles tanned blonde in pink with armocement eyes and lips. Many subscribers are advised to change leading stylist as soon due to the heavy makeup of the doll “Barbie” she is in danger of becoming embalmed in the mummy.