“Drugs take the pain away”: Dana Borisova told about the reasons of drug addiction and its consequences

Borisov live told why began to take substance. TV presenter on his own example showed that you need to deal with problems.

In a live program “the Secret to a million” Dana Borisova told about many of his problems, and told what or who pushed her to take illegal drugs. Dana wants to show by their example that we need to deal with problems and not resort to drugs, reports “Russian conversation”.

In his harmful addiction Dana blames herself, as many complexes she was looking for easy ways to solve their problems, but these “light paths” were the drugs that the presenter was taking for several years.

Borisova did not like her appearance. Plus, former her choices reinforced her dislike to her, forcing Dana that she’s ugly.

“I didn’t love, I didn’t like how I looked. My men reminded me of the thought that I was ugly. I also wanted to prove to people that write nasty things about me online that I’m good. Using drugs had this pain. The only time I did not drink and didn’t take anything — pregnancy and breast-feeding. Now I learned to love myself for who I am,” shares Dana.

When the auditorium was made by the mother Borisova, TV host went backstage, as could not bear the fact that his own mother was talking about her in front of a huge audience. In General, This mom has long strained relationship.

Borisova have problems not only with mother but with a 10-year old daughter Dating which restricts the child’s father of This. Lawyer Borisova in front of a large crowd has stated that Dana no one is deprived of parental rights, and she has a right to see his own daughter.