Drug-addicted brother resents Leonardo DiCaprio

Once they were close. Two young half-brothers from Los Angeles started his career. One of them, Leonardo DiCaprio, many years later she won an Oscar for and starred in numerous cult films. Leo now gets $ 20 million for the film, the other, Adam Farrar, mired in poverty and offense for a successful relative.
Less successful relative of the interrupted temporary jobs as a screenwriter on television. While DiCaprio collects luxury real estate, his brother rents a frail shanty and believes that Leo could he would help.

“Once we were close. I love him now, but we have a couple of years did not communicate. The last time we saw each other at a party about his birthday. I was invited by a friend of Leo. Brother was happy to see me and even hugged. But when I later tried to contact him my messages went unanswered. All the great team that surrounds him just would not let me to him” says Adam.
A man’s life went downhill because of his drug addiction. Insiders claim that now it just will not recognize skin and bones. The only child of Adam, ten year old daughter Normandie, located on the upbringing of their grandparents – the mother of Adam, Peggy, and father, Leo George. In 2014, drug addicts, a man was deprived of paternal rights. Adam believes that his famous and wealthy brother could help him get back on the right path.
“Leo wants to save the whole world, it focuses on climate change and environmental issues, and not interested in my fate.. It’s a shame,” said the ladies.
Genetically he is not a relative DiCaprio – father Leo left his mother to start a family with the mother of Adam. Then future Oscar-winning actor was only a year.
“Boys have a bond that is much stronger than blood,” said the mother of Adam. They played together and rode bikes, played in the handball – in a word, shared passions and many.

“I learned to play the violin, Ian – the piano. We both loved the breakdancing and was very good at it” — told Adam a lot about Leo. Sometimes, they staged demonstrations just on the beach and made so good pocket money, not to mention the fact that it is very attracted the attention of the girl in a bikini.
Everything changed when the brothers have grown up and interests of their split. Adam recalls how disgusted DiCaprio watched as someone was snorting cocaine or Smoking marijuana.
“I think this aversion had so far.. I don’t blame anyone for the things that happened to me. It was an intoxicating world and I plunged into it. I’m a grown man, and I have no one to blame, and, moreover, offended at my brother..” said Adam.
Parents tried to apply to boys equally, but George was his own father, Leo, and because he has received certain benefits – more gifts, private school instead of public – it was little things that convinced Adam that his place in the background.
At the same time ladies with the six years was in show business – commercials, part in a TV show, episodic Rodi in the series. From an early age he began to earn good money, and Leo couldn’t help notice this.
“Leo saw what I was doing. He hated school and would like me to be on the set. He began acting at the age of nine or ten years,” recalls Adam. Participation in the TV series “Growing Pains”, the role in the film “Life of guy”, which he chose himself Robert de Niro, and, finally, “Titanic”. Leo woke up a star, and the star of Adam faded into the background of his brother. Nevertheless, he is proud of that, and put his hand to the emergence of DiCaprio as a movie star. I hope the brethren will resume their relationship, and Leo can help let not native, but close brother.

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