Drew Barrymore is officially divorced with will Kopelman

This sad news really hurts our hearts. Hollywood actress drew Barrymore, confirming the rumors he filed for divorce from her husband and father of their two daughters olive and Frankie-will-Kopelman. Kicked off their official divorce, and the initiator of it was it drew. To hear the case in a court of Manhattan.

Screen star and art consultant broke up after four years of marriage. According to friends of the actress, who told about a family crisis drew’s and will’s, it was Barrymore’s idea of divorce. They argue that due to an unhappy childhood and lack of a full-fledged example of a happy family, a woman does not know how to maintain normal relations in a marriage. All relationships and marriages actress was unhappy and fleeting. With will, she seemed to have found a family, which is so dreamed of, but there is not converged.
Recall that the statement of the separation of the pair appeared in early April. Then drew will officially announced his decision to divorce.
“Unfortunately, our family officially ceased to exist, although we have not ceased to feel like a family. Divorce can lead to feelings of failure, but in the end you begin to be grateful that it happened. Life goes on. Children were, are and will be our Universe, and the rest of your life they will be our priority,” — said in an official statement.
Meanwhile in the media from time to time there are new rumors about the third pregnancy of the actress. In early June he was spotted on a walk with my daughters class and an unknown man. But even this is not the most important thing – the actress was a big t-shirt and sweatpants. We do not undertake to say, but celebrity really looked like pregnant.


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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