Dr. Prince are under investigation

All the doctors, who in recent years were related to the treatment of the Prince, are under investigation. This publication reports RadarOnline, citing the Federal Bureau of investigation. In particular we are talking about two doctors 57-year-old Dr. Michael Shulenberga and Dr. Howard Kornfeld. The investigators have to understand, it does not help attempts to establish health under the guidance of these two professionals to go to the legendary musician on the light.

Both doctors had contact with the Prince until his last day on April 21 this year. The investigation found that Schulenburg was seeing Prince on 7 April, and 20 prescribed him a new drug – the singer was going to get rid of years of addiction caused by eating painkillers. At the same time, the team Prince says that the day of death to his house came the son of Cornfield, which brought some of the drug, written out by his father.
By the way, is the son of Kornfeld found the lifeless body of the actor in the Elevator of his recording Studio. After he informed the police and journalists that the Prince did not manage to take his medication, so his fault. Schulenburg, also insists that it did not give the artist any drugs, and at home he had to take the tests. The scandal with the death of the Prince has become what Shulenberga denied a license to work, but even if she was, that after such a stain on the reputation it is unlikely there would be many customers.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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