Dr. Michael Jackson has told a shocking truth about him

Don’t throw rocks, fans of the king of pop Michael Jackson, but the Western media like the chain broke: retell all new book, “That’s all,” Conrad Murray, the attending physician, the artist, who has, in violation of all medical ethics, described the mysteries of a singer who can’t argue or protest them from the world.

In the reading, which promises to become a bestseller (of course, thanks to a loud name of the main character), Dr. Murray described the strange tendencies of his patient, in particular his obsession with little girls. According to Conrad, Michael was in love with.. eleven-year-old star of the “Harry Potter” Emma Watson and even wanted to marry her. Murray describes this case as one of many.

Michael Jackson and mark Lester with his daughters

So, for a few years before that he wanted to be a husband and twelve-year-old daughter of his longtime friend, Mark Lester, and even asked Conrad to talk the latest at the moment the possibility of marriage, but the doctor dissuaded him from this undertaking, reminding also about the legislation and criminal liability.
Conrad also said that Michael sometimes used the services of the representatives of the oldest profession, and wishing to remain incognito, hiding behind costumes. For example, a clown costume, wearing a mask of surgeon and even spoke with an accent.
Unfortunately, Michael Jackson, who went to glory in 2009 can not confirm nor deny the information. Today almost everyone who met with untimely death of a celebrity, can write anything to grab a piece of the pie and cash in on the name of a celebrity.


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