Dormition fast in 2017: a calendar of food days

To the period of the Dormition fast was a time of spiritual purification, it is important to follow all the rules. One of the most important vegetable diet, because the abstinence from physical excesses not only heals the body but also strengthens the spirit.

The Dormition fast has a fixed length: every year it starts August 14 and ends on the 27th, on the eve of the Dormition, or if the holiday is celebrated on Wednesday or Friday, August 28. In 2017, the assumption is not included in the number of fast days, as it falls on a Monday.

The August post was established as compensation for the reduction Petrova post. Initially, the latter was seized and July, but few people can withstand such a long period of austerity, and therefore it was decided to split the post into two parts. After many years the second part of Peter’s post was transformed into an independent post, called for the closing of his great Orthodox celebration.

The Dormition fast is one of the strictest. However, the fact that it falls at the harvest period, is to facilitate factor: the opportunity to diversify Lenten diet. Moreover, this time of two of the Saviour, Honey and Apple, that gives you even more possibilities to invent interesting dishes with traditional holiday treats.

A calendar of food on the Dormition fast

All the days of the Dormition fast is prohibited eggs, meat and dairy products and any food where there is at least one of these ingredients. Three days a week supposed to xerophagy, that is the Church’s Charter prohibits food, the last heat treatment. By the great Church celebrations allowed fish and a minimal amount of wine.

August 14, Monday: feast of the Origin of honest trees Holy cross and the Savior of the Honey feast. Since this day falls the beginning of lent, fish dishes, dostosowana in the Church holidays, are prohibited. Put xerophagy, however, it is possible to diversify the menu with honey or honey and poppy-seed cakes of lean dough.

August 21, Monday: according to Church regulations, in these days it is necessary to observe xerophagy. Allowed the use of dried fruits, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts. You can make cold vegetable soups and salads, but you can’t fill them with oil.

15 and 22 August, Tuesday: it is permitted to eat cooked food, but you can’t add to the cooking vegetable oil.

16 and 23 August, Wednesday: strict days. On Wednesdays you will need to follow shoedini. To replace main meals with candied fruits, nuts, pickled or fresh vegetables, cold soups, or mashed vegetables.

17 and 24 August, Thursday: the Charter of the monastery allows you to eat hot food, prepared without added vegetable oil.

18 and 25 August, Friday: do not expose food to heat treatment. You can eat bread, vegetables, fruits, home-made. Salads with vegetable oil, is strictly prohibited.

August 19, Saturday: the great feast of the Transfiguration. Permitted fish dishes and a bit of red or white wine. This date is celebrated Apple Spas, so you can prepare meals with the addition of these fruits: baked apples with honey, to make an Apple pie made with lean dough, cook applesauce or mixed with other fruits to make a fruit salad.

August 26, Saturday: it is allowed to fry in vegetable oil, add it to cooked dishes and salads.

August 20 and August 27, Sunday: permitted cooked in vegetable oil the food. It can also be used as a dressing for salads.

On 28 August, the feast of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary — not a fast day in 2017. On this date you need to break the fast, then there is a smooth transition to normal diet, gradually introducing into the diet of meat and dairy foods.

Relief post allowed anyone who due to various circumstances can not abide by all restrictions: children, the elderly, pregnant women, people with health problems. We should not forget that fasting is not a diet, but a period of spiritual work. Daily prayer, helping others, good deeds — all this is much more important than maintaining a vegetarian menu.

Observing the traditions and rules of the Dormition fast, you will contribute to your spiritual growth and will be able to change your life for the better.