Donskaya icon of the Mother of God

Every icon has its own special history and place in the religious development of our country. Donskaya icon of the Mother of God is inextricably linked to the don monastery, which to this day services are being held.

This is one of the few bilateral icons on the back which depicts the assumption of the blessed virgin. This miraculous image, which is a full and rightful heritage of the Russian people.

History of the icon

Approximate creation date of the image is not clear — it lies in the range from 1380 to 1395. Unfortunately, there is no precise information about who wrote it. Those familiar with history may remember that in the above period of time fit the battle of Kulikovo. The don Cossacks, as they say historical records of the Donskoy monastery, gave way before the battle of Moscow Prince Dmitry.

As often happens, the icons were remembered before the great battles and hard times for our country. They are a direct proof that the Lord and Mother Intercessor keep us from harm and help in the fight for justice. Of course, there are a lot of skeptics and people who are willing to challenge the appearance of this icon on the eve of the battle of Kulikovo. Some historians think she came after her as a reminder that the Lord watches over us. In fact, it does not change the fact, although debated for quite a long time.

Someone thinks that the author of the icon was a Byzantine icon painters. In view of the fact that accurate evidence is not available, there are opinions that the icon was painted by a Novgorod master. Back to back, so you just need to stop arguing about this.

Features of icon

The obverse depicts the virgin with baby Jesus Christ. This image is also called the “Tenderness”:

A list with icons I decided to do family style, so variations of the icons are almost identical. As mentioned above, the original has a reverse side with image of the assumption of virgin Mary lies in a semblance of a coffin, surrounded by the apostles headed by her adult Son and Saviour:

What is particularly important is the presence of the original image. It is in the Tretyakov gallery, and once a year he was taken in Donskoy monastery for worship. This happens to celebrate icons September 1, or August 19, according to the old style.

What helps icon

Donskaya icon saves people from problems with the faith in the first place. In every house where there is such an icon, to lose faith in God will be much more difficult. It helps in difficult times, and protects people from bad deeds. It gives us strength, builds faith and does not allow to crumble before our brightest dreams, thoughts and hopes.

Before this icon taken to read the prayers to the virgin Mary, to our virgin Mary. Among these prayers are: “mother of God, virgin, rejoice”, “creed”, and a special prayer:

“Merciful Mother, Holy virgin of virgin, Our, hear and accept my prayers. Heal the wounds of the soul and of my body, prigresheniya my secrets and thoughts, weighing my conscience, wash me with your tears, take off the burden of heavy, strengthen me, help me to repent me, for sorrow strewn my way. May the Lord righteousness will punish me, I beg you mercy it to me. Fix my ways, and save changing and my children and my loved ones. Be a source of faith for me and my Guardian of piety. Grant enduring patience in troubles, faith in you. Banish anger, envy, sadness, anger, dirt, laziness from my soul! Reconcile warring, clear slandered, enlighten us, lady, the light of His Son and give us confidence in thy righteousness, for peace and love. Visit the illnesses and sorrows of us all, under the mighty intercession of Your persistent to the Kingdom of Heaven we have reached, giving praise for a loving God. Now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen. “

Read this prayer not only in day of memory on August 19, but every day before bed. Learn to thank the virgin for all the good and not just to ask her about something in the difficult moments, because the prayer of thanksgiving will always be the strongest.

Donskaya icon will be a great gift to the newlyweds for a wedding, kids birthday or the twelve great Church holidays. This image deserves to be at home amongst the greatest Orthodox icons.