Donald trump would live in the White house one

Donald trump has all chances to become the first the most unusual and controversial presidents of the United States. The businessman has not yet taken up his post, but his name has been so often discussed in the media that he may envy celebrities all over the world.

Another reason to remember about trump and his family was the unwillingness Melania (Donald’s wife) and their son, 10-year-old Barron is following the traditions and to move to permanent residence in the White house. Note that prior to trump’s in Washington, lived all the presidential family.

As reported by the NewYork Post, his wife and son, trump will remain in a three-floor penthouse in the trump house in new York, the child would be able to finish primary school, which he attends in Manhattan.

Upon completion, the family will be reunited in the capital for some time, and then, most likely, Melania and Barron will go back to new York.

As she says the first lady, her reluctance to move to Washington, does not affect the duties which must be performed by the President’s wife. Melania will accompany spouse on all events that require her presence.

Earlier, trump became the first U.S. President, who refused to pay 400 thousand dollars a year. The salary of Donald will be only $ 1.


Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: RIA Novosti

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