Donald trump shamed Snoop Dogg for the controversial clip

He is not the same. The new President of the United States of America Donald trump criticized the new video for the song “Lavender” by the canadian group BadBadNotGood, recorded with Snoop Dogg. In the clip, the famous rapper shoots a character very similar to the White house.

Donald trump, angry at what he saw said that if the clip Snoop Dog shot at Barack Obama, it is immediately put in jail.
“Just imagine what would be a scandal if Snoop Dogg with his failed career and other things tend to pull the gun on President Obama and the shot?” — rhetorically asks the tramp.
The rapper is also a long time not silent and has already responded to the President’s words in the video that was posted on his page in the social network.
“You all want to ask me questions and interviewing, but you know what? I have nothing to tell you, man,” said Snoop. The dog was extremely unhappy with the choice of compatriots and even threatened to leave for permanent residence in Canada.

Source: https://twitter.com
Photo: https://lenta.ru

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