Donald trump criticized the music of Jay-Z

The candidate for President from the Republican party, Donald Trump has bothered to listen to criticism from musicians, forbidding him to use their music during the presidential campaign. Now the main opponent , Hillary Clinton decided to criticize musicians, and he began with rapper Jay-Z.

Dislike of Donald to the contractor are clear – the rapper and his wife Beyonce who are so fond of Americans openly support Hillary, and recently even spoke on her support in Cleveland, Ohio.
But on Sunday in Tampa, Florida, trump carefully walked around the rapper, however, Donald did not disdain to use the word “n” and obmateril it.
“I’ll tell you what: I never said what he said. In life, this was not. You can imagine that I said that? I would have had big problems. It is false and a lie,” said trump, providing the tirade not the most pleasant words.
Shortly before Roger waters compared the tramp with Hitler. The legend of Pink Floyd said that the Republican “arrogant, deceitful, racist and sexist pig.”
“We can all prevent this fascism, to prevent a police state. Trump defines every second inhabitant of America as the enemy. For him it’s all Chinese, Mexicans, and people exploring Islam. The same anxiety was supposed to be in Germany in the thirties. Tranism no less insidious than fascism. Hitler’s enemies were the Jews, Communists, Gypsies, homosexuals.”

Source: http://www.nme.com
Photo: http://www.nme.com

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