Donald trump blocked Stephen king on Twitter

We all know that the new President of the United States of America Donald trump does not like criticism. Since that time, as a Republican, became head of state, “king of horror” Stephen king admits to regularly taunts him, and this was the reason that Donald has blocked him on the social network Twitter. This was announced by the writer himself on his page sarcastically responding:
“Donald trump has blocked me from reading his tweets. I’ll go kill myself.”

British writer J. K. Rowling commented on the decision of 70-year-old President, telling Stephen that she will send him tweets American President, while he will not block her.
Many condemned trump for such selectivity, advised to heed the voice of the people and not to respond to criticism, given that the majority of Americans didn’t want to see him in the presidential chair, and he came to Washington because of the peculiar electoral system in the United States.
Journalist Anthony Breznican have joined in the criticism of trump’s decision, and stated that Stephen king has two awards: the National medal of the USA in the field of arts was presented to him by the former President of America Barack Obama and the second – a ban on Twitter – handed him the trump.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.usmagazine.com

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