Donald and Melania trump sleeping in separate bedrooms

Rumors, Tobruk the current President of the United States of America Donald and his wife Melania – sham, appeared after his inauguration. The time, expressing the awkwardness and even some desperate women, which became an Internet meme “Free cheree” (“Freedom Melania”), testified that the wife is not quite comfortable with the husband, and the subsequent refusal of Mrs. trump to move to the White house only confirmed them.

Since, as a media Mogul, a Republican, became the new President of America, he and his family came under the glare of media. According to journalists edition of UsWeekly, Melania has ceased to hide that in a marriage she’s unhappy.
The publication, citing numerous credible media reports that the couple rarely see each other, and it’s not even in the training of Barron trump, their son, to whom Melania didn’t want to look for a school in Vashingtone. Even when Melania visiting his wife in the White house, they sleep in different bedrooms.
“Melania and Donald different bedrooms, they never spend the night together, and if we sleep in the same bedroom, they sleep in separate beds” — the sources said.
Recall that with the responsibilities of the first lady cope, daughter of Donald Ivanka, whose beloved daddy had even allocated a private office in the West wing of the White house. Many politicians and public figures criticized the President for this decision, because Ivanka can boast of no political merit to receive such benefits. The representative and advocate of the President’s daughter announced that one should not see this as a usurpation of power or coup – it’s just a room, which is Ivanka. By the way, it is next door from the Cabinet of her husband, a senior adviser to Donald.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.usmagazine.com

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