“Dom-2” today, 10.08.2017 news and rumors six days earlier, the review of recent events

The latest news from the TV project “Dom-2” that is relevant for today, August 10, 2017, provide information about the many events in the life of participants, namely: Olga Rapunzel admitted that he enjoys his popularity. Sergey Zacharias will miss Lily Cetraro. Faith the chicken revealed their preferences for Breakfast.

News “House-2” and rumors today, 10.08.2017: gossip 6 days before broadcast

1. Faith hen told about their taste preferences for Breakfast. “Good morning. The day should begin with a delicious Breakfast. I can not live without fruit and coffee. Some time forced myself to eat oatmeal, adding berries, nuts, anything that was at hand. Here in “Dom-2″ , Pete often cooks us a Breakfast omelet. Peter tasty, but rarely cooks. What do you like to eat in the morning?” – ask a question to his fans a girl.

2. Irina Pinchuk retired from “the House 2” a long time ago, and now her life has no relationship to reality show. However, for many people, the Ira remains remains a person, the fate which was interesting to watch. However, while most fans are happy for the ex-participant, seeing how happy she is, the part of the fans still finds a reason for concern. So, subscribers of the former passion of Ivan Bursikova raised the alarm after a girl leaked his nails without a manicure. The case took so serious a turn that failed to withstand the pressure of the audience with their questions, Ira found no better option but to get in touch and explain everything. As it turned out, the reason for panic. The girl just restores your nails after numerous additions. However, Irina admitted that he would not mind if someone from the podeschi will come to her house and do manicures.

3. Olga Rapunzel did not hide the fact that she enjoys her popularity. “Here We are. The most common questions. Do people recognize you on the street? The approach you take autograph? Ask to make a photo for memory? Friends, of course, of course Yes! Today the two cute little sisters ran up and took photos they were so worried seeing me, they could not believe their eyes that We, the Rapunzel and Dima mine, and I’m worried. I feel your emotions and I live and I love you. But I still remember a pair of Husband and Wife approached us and gave us a nice, warm wishes, we are very pleased. Thank you to each of you for your Love. I read all your comments and I try to answer you. When you are with me and my soul is calm. I love you,” said the girl.

4. Sergey Zacharias did not hide, what will miss Lily Cetraro. “Lily flew to the Islands. Once again our couple is waiting for a relationship test. Honestly, I’ll miss Lily and will do everything that we would rather get back together again. Our relationship 15 August will be six months, and I would like to enter a new phase of the relationship, to remember all the enjoyable and increase it. During these six months I have gained great experience and am very grateful to beloved for it,” explained the young man.