Dolph Lundgren got the role of a villain in the TV series “Arrow”

Dolph Lundgren got the role of a villain in the TV series “Arrow”

Cohort of villains who will appear in the fifth season of “Arrow” (Arrow), is becoming more and steeper.

During the press tour of television critics Association (TCA) team superhero blockbuster has announced that the cast of the show joined the action star Dolph Lundgren (the Expendables, Universal soldier, rocky 4″), which will be playing a really bad guy.

“In flashbacks, referring to the events in Russia, Dolph Lundgren will appear as one of the antagonists,” said Executive producer of the series Wendy Meryl.

As it turned out, the hero Lundgren TAYANA mentioned at the end of the fourth season, when I remembered about the criminal Kovar. “We plan to present it to the audience. He is very bad guy working for the Russian government. Oliver and the Bratva, he’s no friend of mine. Kovar is part of the promise given by the Queen Tane,” says Meryl.

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According to the Guggenheim show-run Mark in the fifth season, the audience for the last time will be shown flashbacks: “We have always maintained that after being hit on the island, Oliver wandered five years. This year the action of the flashbacks will unfold in Russia.”

Story Lads, will be a reflection of what is happening in the present. “In his flashbacks are recruited into a criminal organization, and now Oliver and he assembles a team,” notes Guggenheim. — While he was a student and now a teacher, which to some extent will allow viewers to relate the events of the past and present.”

Oliver Queen will continue to defend the Old city, 5 Oct.


Source and photo: lostfilm.tv