“Doctor on call” will return to screens in the new season

“Doctor on call” will return to screens in the new season

Company FILM.UA started filming the second and third seasons the first Ukrainian-language medical drama “doctor on call” for TV channel “Ukraine”. Premiere of new series will take place on TV channel “Ukraine”.

After the successful premiere of the first season of “doctor on call”, TV channel “Ukraine” has decided to withdraw 2 and 3 seasons of medical drama, each of which will consist of 40 episodes.

The plot — story about the everyday life of the emergency hospital, where the doctors not only treat patients but also help them to understand the problems of a personal nature. In the new season of “doctor on Duty”, according to the film Director Oleksandr Onufriev, will be placed even greater emphasis on the personal stories of patients, in the midst of which happen to be and ambulance staff.

“The stories will be spun very well, so the audience to “rest” will not succeed. Our stories become more interesting, and I’m sure the audience will get a lot of positive emotions from swirling and touching melodramatic detective stories, ” says project Director Oleksandr Onufriev. — For my part, I like the film, I plan to add the dynamics and action in the frame, which I sometimes lacked in the first season.”

Showrunner of the project “doctor on call” Yulia Mishchenko said that no doubt the success of the first season of the series and believes that the language spoken by the actors, no matter when the film is made qualitatively.

“I insisted that the characters of the series in the 1st season, spoke in the Ukrainian language, and no mistake. I was deeply convinced that the most important thing for viewers is sincerity and life stories that cling to the soul, ” says Yulia Mishchenko. — In the new episodes we will pay more attention to the disclosure of the identity of our returning heroes, there will be many stories in which they are deeply involved. Also the audience will get acquainted closer with their family and friends. In addition, we will have more teenage stories, because the first season showed that they are interesting to our audience and evoke a response.”

Starring in the film will perform so liked by the audience of Ukrainian actors Michael Gonin, Ruslan Falconer, Michael Romanov, Irina Tkalenko, Nadezhda Levchenko and many others.

Directors: Aleksandr Onufriev, Andrew Kolesnik.

Creative producer: Yulia Mishchenko.

Produced By: Iryna Kostyuk, Anna Eliseeva, Elena Kanishevskaja

Executive producer: Ella, Bobleduc

The shooting of the project was launched on August 1, 2016 and runs until August 2017 in Kiev.

As previously reported, “doctor on call” — the first Ukrainian-language TV series on medical subjects. The premiere took place in may 2016 on the TV channel “Ukraine”. On the creation of the painting has a team of professionals FILM.UA.


Source and photo: kanalukraina.tv