Do not eat 3 foods, otherwise you will be “fu”

Most often we identify people by smell

What ate the and eat. By the way, the taste of sperm in the male, is very influenced by the products that he used before oral sex. A specialist recommended oral sex pineapple juice.


Tomatoes contain carotenoids and terpenes, which are similar to the smell of human sweat. The more tomatoes you eat, the stronger you smell.


Well, it just stinks in itself, but it contains huge amounts of vitamin A, in addition, in some types of fish, for example trout or tuna, contains a lot of choline (vitamin B4) which turn natural human scent. Don’t want to smell like herring — eat the smaller fish.


All types of cabbage are very useful, but the smell of them frightening. It has a lot of sulfur, which is split into substances, unpleasant odor which may persist for several hours. It can cause flatulence.