Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko: “We want lots of kids”

Football player and his lover for the first time openly spoke about their relationship. Dmitry Tarasov admits that now he hurries home, eager to see my girlfriend, model Anastasia Kostenko.

Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova divorced in December last year. In contrast to the ex-wife midfielder “Locomotive” did not comment on personal life till today, though did not hide that he had a new woman. Regularly published photos from model Anastasia Kostenko on Instagram.

A year later, Tarasov broke the silence. The lovers are allowed to “StarHit” interview in which he said that Nastya Dima prepares Breakfast as they have built a country house and when you plan to become parents.


Heavy period

— Dima, everyone thinks you had an affair with Nastya, even when I was married…in fact, our Olya relationship ended last fall. And with Nastya the first time we met in a circle of mutual friends at the restaurant in December. She came there with friends. Haven’t talked much, crossed a couple of times views. Friends found out who this girl is.After a week, Dima wrote me in Instagram to know better. We began to chat on the phone, look at each other. Of course, I was aware of who Dmitry Tarasov, but was never interested in the news of show business and not immersed in the intricacies of his personal life. The second meeting was held on 1 January. Celebrated the New year each with my family, and the next day Dima invited me to karaoke, where he gathered a small company. Singed, rested, he walked me home and left. And we continued to call each other.— Dima, in that period you were still going through a divorce?No, everything is already decided for themselves. I am very discreet man. Can not long endure, to weigh, to consider, but if you explode, you irrevocably. Love has passed, wilted tomatoes. I don’t want anyone to accuse and insult. This story ended. In any case, both are guilty, it is not that only one. Nastya healed your wounds?I don’t like to dump problems on others. Used to worry myself. The topic of past relationships tried with Nastya did not discuss. Some moments, of course, got out six years of life can not erase. I really was hard: two marriages, divorce, child… Even visited the idea: “why all this to continue? Maybe it’s better to live for yourself, take a walk?” But Anastasia made me look at relationship, love. Took a chance and trusted her… Honestly, at first I was worried and even afraid to contact him because I didn’t understand that this can happen. Tried several times to complete the communication…Nastya was impregnable, like a fortress, and I can understand it. Knew to any who are near with me, will pour a bucket of slops. And then there’s the rumors that I have a harem of mistresses.— Are you offended when you were called a home wrecker?Oh, once insulted… was Accused of being married in pants climbed. But as time passed, I calmed down a bit and gave Dima a promise that I will no longer visit antipanicescoe sites to read comments and respond emotionally. Strength is not to avoid places where there are meals which you are forbidden, to go there, but is not harmful. Over time our relationship got stronger. Now nothing hurts.— Anastasia, you too was accused of treason. Supposedly, you threw the guy for a more promising Tarasova…True. We broke up before meeting with Dima. It was puppy love. Met in 15 years, we are the same age. Subsequently began to live in different cities and didn’t know what to do. And then honestly admitted to each other that the feelings were gone.

In safe hands

— How Dima looked after.I told them that the gifts I can not buy. The most valuable is attention. Dima knows how to care: giving flowers, leads to the restaurants and cinema. In Moscow there lives my aunt, who always cautioned: “Be careful. In the capital men are spoiled”. I avoided contact with the representatives of the stronger sex, living with a sister. But Dima was different – caring and home. And when I saw his reverent attitude to the children, I realized – that’s my man!I am also impressed by the education Nasti. She’s not spoiled, grew up in a large family. When they began to live together, it became clear that fit together. Of course, at any relationship you need to work, we try and strive for the ideal.— When gathered?In March. It was hard to lure her to the apartment… Just I’ve never lived with a boyfriend. Of course, experienced psychological discomfort, afraid that the end of all this lightness. But I was wrong. Stay close with your loved one – it’s cool! But life never scared. On the contrary, it is a pleasure to cook, feed and take care of your man.— Dima, do you have a favorite dish in the performance of Nasti?One of the latest is called Cinnabon. This is a very tasty and soft buns. I love them. Usually the girl does everything you ask, first, second, third… Soup should be mandatory. Jumping to a workout home, because there she was waiting for me with a delicious lunch. I am a happy man. Dima and repair in a country cottage finish?Yes. Always dreamed of your own home. In the end, earned and bought. A month ago we with Nastya moved there. Now grow roots and brings comfort. — Already introduced her daughter from the first marriage?They saw angelina a couple of times and normally communicate.— What can fight?Because of my foolishness and young age.But I already have experience of family life, easy to respond to women’s whims.And I instantly calmed down.— Anastasia, as you have taken the parents of Dima?We found a common language. The turning point came when I left my sister Dima. He went to the training camp, and I, not to be bored at home, went to visit Kate. She has three children. In General, it was fun! In the end, she had lived there for three days, and my sister called me and said: “All of it is clear. Take!” Mom, too, to Anastasia once was filled. For her, the main thing that I was happy, fed, smiling, and walked to restaurants…— Nastya, your mother was worried about this story, she responded to haters on social media…of Course, the parents were upset and tried to protect me from the spiteful critics. But I calmed down when I met with Dima, I realized that I am in good hands.— What do you do now? Studying, working?Take part in various shootings, including commercial. But always refuse photo shoots in lingerie. Max – in a bathing suit. Chose to. Parallel to preparing for the session in PFUR, in six months needs to obtain the diploma of the journalist. Then two years graduate. Plan to work on television.— Just getting married?We discussed this issue, but should be thoroughly prepared. In the future I want a big family. We have serious intentions.I nursed two sisters and a brother. At some point I realized that she is yet ready to be a mom don’t want to. But with Dima, changed opinion. I see him as the father of their children. May face earlier than planned, but not in the coming year.