Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko became husband and wife

A year later after a scandalous divorce with Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov got married again. on model Anastasia Kostenko.

During a romantic holiday in the Maldives, the player did Anastasia a formal proposal. 23-year-old model boasted on Instagram with a ring from a loved one and wrote: “I said “Yes!” Today, Dmitry posted a photo taken in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow. Happy groom confirmed that he’s no longer a bachelor: “Yes, we with Nastya got married!” — he wrote under the photo.

In the registry office the couple were dressed modestly: Dmitry chose a tuxedo with a white rim, Anastasia — white pantsuit, much to the surprise of fans. Perceptive members noticed that the couple was wearing at the wedding of friends. As it turned out, the main celebration will take place later as the couple decided to formalize the relationship before Tarasov will go to taxes.

Also in Instagram Anastasia has changed the inscription caps and now it reads: “Anastasia Tarasova, Miss Russia World’14, Direct do not read”. New husband, apparently, changed the name. “Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! Molodiya!!!!!!!!! On the eyes it shows that they love each other!!!!!!!! Happiness to You guys and the kids!!!!!! Gorchakovo”, “many happy years to you and booooolshoy family,” I congratulate the spouses subscribers that waited so long for this event.